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Why do teen girls dress the way they do?
Im not sexist or anything I just find it funny how teens dress so that their *** is almost completely showing with VERY short shorts that fit really tight. Then when they see a guy looking at them they get mad and ask what are you looking at. Are they trying to attract attention or why do they do this?
Well, that's a very big generalization. But a majority of girls dress the way they do because they don't have anyone giving them GOOD fashion advice, they desire to emulate other girls, or just overall are looking for a way to express themselves and just don't know how.
Why do schools allow teachers to dress provocatively in the classroom?
You have High school teenagers, red blooded teens who are easily sexually aroused by a female teacher parading at the blackboard with tight fiting sloppy faded dirty jeans and a see thru blouse exposing her large boobs and her tight ***. Does anyone believe that these teens are interested in the subject shes teaching? And when they get raped by their own students, the stupid female teacher wants to know why?
I'm a teacher and my high school doesn't.

On the other hand not to sound bad, but as a teacher being hit on by high school students goes with the territorry regardless of what the teacher is wearing. Like you said they are "red blooded teens." But as a professional, you can't take it seriously. You just have to treat all students in a respectful but professional way. But I will say that I have never seen a teacher at my school dress in any way provotatively at my school or flirt in any way with a student. We aren't even allowed to wear jeans except on Fridays and there are rules for those as well.
Why do these guys ksuch as 10 to pre teens try to act so grown up?
Examples wearing designer brands tight *** jeans act slutty act so scene,edgy,ect I understand guys grow up sometime but why so fast? When I was nine I was still outside playing sports and watching cartoons with my friends. Sorry for this long story I just wanna know!
That is how todays society is making them, I guess they think its "cool".
PS why is this asked in the LGBT section?
What colored converse would go good with my outfit?(im a teen boy)?
K, this is what i wear just about every day:
Black emo/punk band t hsirt, often too small for me.

tight blue jeans(not *** tight though)

pink and black checkered stud belt

spike, stud wirstband and anarchy/skull sweatband

black thin glasses

black/brown spikey short hair

a black hoodie, with a dead kennedys patch on it

and for the shoes, which colored would look more "emo/punk" because that practicly how i dress.

what color shoes should i get of converse all star hitops, hers the colores:

navy blue
dark green
or the ramones pre ripped / pre "worn out" look, and there also grey, heres a link to the ramones shoes:www.converse.com/index.aspx?mode=pd&sku=100733#productdetail

thanks, and thats all the colored i could think of for now(thats all the colores at journeys that look "boy-ish"

Thanks, and please be honest, and nice.
Don't go for the pre worn look, it's just naff and trying too hard.

Any colour converse are cool and would look good.
I think red, orange or a brighter shade looks good on a guy, If you are daring and go for a more traditionally girly shade then good for you why let staid stereotypes dictate your choices!
When your in the shop looking at them you should go for the first pair that attracts you.
Whats up with teen fashion? scene and hip hop? when did this happen?
the other day i saw some young teen who was wearing typical hip hop stuff, like a green fitted hat with the bill straight, and matching weird-*** green sneakers, and weird green designs on his shirt. but he was also wearing tight black girl jeans, and he had emo hair?? did wigger and emo guys combine since ive been out of high school? whats up with you guys???
LMAO! That's funny. Yeah today's fashion is wierd.
Today a teen-age boy called me a MILF?
does that mean that I can't wear jeans that are tight on my *** anymore?
That means he was encouraging you to keep wearing those tight jeans because he wanted to get in em.
Why are men hypocrites when you ask them if they prefer teens or older women?
typically teens are more sexy: have tight asses, no wrinkles no cellulitis, no smelly breath, which is rare for say 30+ old women.

western culture made a tabboo out of this natural preference, but still you should not ask a woman about age :)

and please think before you call me a pervert, mf, etc, be honest if you can!
I have no clue, you have your own preferences, that's your own bid. What ever floats your boat.
Relationship problem/contemplating suicide: sorry it's long, please answer?
I am a 35 year old man with modest mean. I have been married to the same woman for 5 years with 2 guyren. In my glorious high school days, I was considered archetypal “cool” guy. Needless to say, I had many girlfriends and developed a very high physical standard (very vain, I know) for the women I date.
I had a chance encounter with a barely legal teenage girl a few months ago while I just finished dining with a colleague at the food court of a mall. She was clad in a low-cut spaghetti-strap tank top that revealed her midriff (and her belly button piercing) and a very tight and tiny denim short shorts that had a slight glimpse of cameltoe. She possesses none of the physical traits I desire. She was not slim, tanned, tall, or leggy. In fact, her legs are somewhat thick and her midriff/stomach is not flat. The only good thing about her is the top-shelf, perky breasts.
I was quite annoyed when she started talking to me out of the blue, but found her to be quite interesting and engaging. (I unknowingly had an erection when I looked under her top.) I have to admit that I, not short of confidence, gained some weight the last few years and my hair has some early sign of gray. Meanwhile, my wife is becoming quite a bore especially after the birth of my guyren. She isn’t the hottest girl I dated either. I just thought it was time to have a family when I married her.
Anyway the young girl and I exchanged numbers at the conclusion of our encounter and I didn’t think much of it. However, I couldn’t get her imperfect features off my mind. I called her 3 weeks later to arrange a meeting.
She was short, cute, and innocent in her brunette ponytail and braces. Not only does she have the looks, she's got the personality to match. Again clad in sexy short shorts, I began touching her thick legs while I was driving. We drove to a remote area, had a few beers in the car. Then I took off her shorts, revealing her sweet little panties just covering the sweet tasty pinkness of her tight teen you-know-where. She looks like a bad little girl that I took over my knee and spank silly in her cute tiny little panties. Realizing she was wet, I made the naughty little girl to strip naked revealing her perfectly puffy nip, pretty tight pink you-know-where, and ripe perky breasts. Then the rest was easily predictable. Her tasty little *** and sweet squeezable perky teen t!tt1ies were too much to resist. Shortly after realizing when I had just done, I felt ashamed and manipulated, so I gave her a bare @$$ spanking until she started crying (and pee-ing).
Before anyone accused me of being a pedophile, this girl is 100% legal.
My question is: why am I attracted to such an imperfect girl? My ongoing relationship with her gradually became less dramatic and more predictable, yet I don’t want to leave my wife. This relationship doesn’t seem like the normal boyfriend-girlfriend, friends with benefits, or even re-living my high school glory days.
What is wrong with me? I’m terrified.
ur cheatin on ur wife, and u ought to be ashamed.
i think u should break it off with the girl, and tell ur wife the full story. you can seek counselling too; u need to be honest with her. after that, u can decide whether u want to end the marriage, or patch up.
its gonna be hard either way.
I'm a depressed teen.?
Hi. I'm a 15 year old boy. I think i have minor depression. I'm freshman in HS. I used to be really popular, but my popularity kinda fell, and lost some friends. People change, I never did. I am SUPER out going and talkitive. But people are really starting to annoy me. Like everyone in my hs is super shady. I can't stand it! For a while a lot of people thought I was gay. But i got a girlfriend. We just recently broke up. That's why some people dont really talk to me, cuz rhey thought I was gay. my at home life ks kinda rocky, I love my single mother so much. But money is really REALLY tight, but i still live nice. Its kind of stressful on me as a teen, cuz my friwnds are going out, and i dont have much money. and my mom is busting her *** at work. I just starting hanging with a great group of friends that love me, and I live them so much. Summers coming and i dont want to be dpressed, and sitting in the house while it beautiful out. My depression goes away right when im doing somethinf.

I really want to get a hot toned body. And I heard excersize helps relieve depression.

What should I do now?
-job -volunteer -excersize?
Any similar situations what did u do?
Yeah, being a teenager really sucks in general. Other people might look happy, but for the most part it's just an act. Everyone has their own issues, and comparing yourself to other people is always a bad idea. Things gets better, especially in college. Exercise definitely helps, especially cardio. Try to do that a few times a week. Volunteering is a great idea. Helping other people definitely helps you feel better about yourself. Maybe get a part time job when you're old enough? Anything to keep busy and not sitting at home is a good idea.
How to get husband to mooove on? I have told him that I don't think this marriage will work.?
I have moved out with two teenaged boys. The biggest reason is that I found a brown envelope loaded with notes about me. Everytime I would piss him off he would write it down, date it and file it away in a locked toolbox. He would call me names in these notes such as I have no logic or common sense, stupid *****, can't manage the fridge so how would she manage the visa card. Not responsible enough to have a visa card ( I am 36 yrs old and been with him for 22 yrs, 12 yrs married on Sunday). So I have said that I want to go to counscelling and he is all for it and willing to pay for his and mine. Which is hard to believe since he is such a tight *** with $. What I want to know is how to tell him that I want to work this out but I can't ever go back to that life again. The Trust issue is gone for me. He verbally, emotionally and mentally abused me for years and then stopped that and began writing all of it down.
The teen sons don't want to go back and live as a family either.
If you really don't trust him, don't go back. You can not have a marraige without trust. don't even try it. You'll just end up bitter and resentful.

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