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(Revised): What term is more sexy: Mistress, Lover, FWB, Wife, Girlfriend?
You know it has to be mistress! Doesn't it just ooze sexiness?
Jem vous liche ta bit. That's the best!
Anyone knows where to buy Sexy Mistress Leather?
Hi to all, my girlfriend wants to be dominate me a lot and shes interested in buying Mistress Leather, all the set, like this picture:

Anyone knows any store to buy it?…
Why can't you be happy for a guy who has a great job, nice home/guys, domestic/pleasant wife & sexy mistress?
Why can't some guys have it all?
Because I am not the wife or the sexy mistress!
Why is it that married men see their mistress as beautiful, sexy, incredible and amazing, while married women?
...see her as a s-l-u-t and/or a home-wrecking w-h-o-r-e?? How can people look at the same woman and yet have such contrasting perceptions of her? Assuming inside as well as outside of the bedroom the man knows her better than his wife does, could it be the wife's perceptions are tainted by jealously and rage?
It is rage an jealousy !!
I aint never heard any ex say " well i cant blame him she is prettier than me ???
Did anyone else think Mark Sanford's emails to his mistress were totally sexy and poetic?
I'm asking this from purely personal point of view, no politics involved. So don't start bashing me if you found the question offending.

That man is so in sync with his feelings! If he was 30 years younger.....=)
He was a married man with guyren cheating on his wife. That's not very sexy or poetic.
Who has the sexier mistress, Obama, Big Ben, or Tiger?
I suppose Tiger has a few more to choose from. And I guess Ben isn't married so his girls don't count.
Obama, only the best for the Fornicator in Chief.

-I do vote Tiger for the dumbest though, who would cheat on his smokin' hot wife?

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