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What is the name of the painting with a nude woman and black woman behind?
i'm trying to find the name of a painting. there's a nude woman lying down with her hair up and a black woman in a white garment standing in the background.
Edouard Manet "Olympia" 1863
For black people - would you be upset if you saw some white teenagers giggling at a nude black woman photo?
Now then, before you elect to delete the question, please hear me out. The question needs to be buttressed by more information that can't be included in the header. So then, imagine that you see a group of white teenagers looking at a nude black woman in a Playboy-type magazine (please, no comments specifically about Playboy since this is not the issue). These teenagers are giggling and making fun of the black woman. How would you feel? Now then, I already know that the first response will be "but if I saw a group of black teenagers doing this, I would also be angry". Very well then, let's dissect it further. What if the group of black teenagers were saying the exact same things that the white teenagers were, would you be more angry at the black teenagers or the white ones? This question is not meant to offend and I am not taking a stand on pornography/erotica. This is a question about racial tensions in the USA. I think it is significant because it goes to the heart of our psyche when it comes to racial issues in the USA. It is certainly something that we don't want to talk about, but the only way we can solve the problem of racial tension in the USA is if we talk honestly about it. I, for one, would be more upset if I saw a group of black teenagers giggling and making fun of a nude white female than I would be if the group were white and saying the exact same things. I would feel that this would be an insult to my own group. I would think that the white woman who posed for the picture put herself in a very vulnerable position by allowing other ethnic groups to make fun of her ethniticy. I think that this is also how black people feel, but even more so since blacks are a minority in the USA. For a black woman to pose nude would be putting her in an even more vulnerable position in which she is open to ridicule, only because there are more white people. For this reason, I would suspect that black women are less likely to do such things in the USA. I think that having these feelings are natural and nothing to be ashamed of. We need to discuss them honestly in order to understand each other better.
Back in grade school they use to have National Geographic magazines and all the little white boys would be looking at the naked African women. They weren't nearly as hot as Playboy but I think when a group of boys look at a naked magazine together it's awkward for them so they laugh because they can't get off with the others watching. I could care less unless I know that woman personally.
Does anyone remember those black velvet paintings of nude black women and astrological signs?
Who was the artist, and more importantly, where can I get one? I remember these from my youth when the older dudes had them hanging up in the social clubs where I wasn't supposed to be. Just point me in the right direction. Thanks.
There was no particular "artist", most were made in Mexico & China. They have become rather collectible but you might get lucky on Ebay or scouring your local thrift shops.
Were can I find a free web site of nude black women. not sex just nude women?
I am atraced to the female form not a sex act…
Psychic used nude black candle figure Scam?
Hi everyone,
My fiancee thought she was being followed by evil spirts and we paid this psychic 55.00. Now she is getting rid of the spirts for a fixed rate of 200.00 and she brought these candles, inscents etc..
Today she was instructed to light these candles however the black one which is in the shape of a nude woman light and stayed lite for approx 2 min. when the psychic was in our home and sure enough when we went to light it again it burns for about 10 sec and goes out and sparks almost like a trick candle. Now the psychic said to call if any candles go out. I need proof I can buy these TRICK candles that will burn for a few min and then go out and re-light. Further more being I'm a business owner I have checked the credentials and found her business is not registered with our state and we joked about the high quarterly taxes. Again please provide an online link or resources that point strictly to nude black women trick candles so I can call and question her. Any help is greatly appreciated. Many thanks!
That psychic is an amateur psychologist 99.9% of ALL of them are. You are paying that bastard/***** of a person for absolutely NOTHING except perhaps your fiancee's mental assistance if she actually believes in the crap these money grubbing pseudo-psychological scammers do.

Throw her(the psychic THIEF) out of the house. If your fiancee wants a real exorcism the Roman or Orthodox Catholic Church will do so were there is fairly solid PROOF...
A psychic is a scam artist as you suspect.

I myself HAVE some trick birthday candles which go out and relight. There is a low yield combustible powder in the wick. If they still have smoke coming from them after going out and seem to "spark" to life it's just a pathetic trick candlewick you can make or get at most any novelty store.

Here you…

Note that it's the wick not the candle wax that causes the effect. You can shape a candle to any form you want around a wick. She may have made the cheap thing herself. With some candles you can even remove the old wick and replace it with your own.........
Does this mean he wants to have sex with a black woman?..Give your honest opinion?
If a happily married white guy who only looks at porn online once in awhile and its ALWAYS the same kind of porn sites of nothing but nude black women.
If he would want that, he would not be happily married with a white female, now would he?
Does this mean he wants to have sex with a black woman?..Give you honest opinion?
If a happily married white guy who only looks at porn on the computer once in awhile goes to porn sites that only and always feature nothing but nude black women...This is the only kind of porn sites this man goes to.
It Turns Him on, Doesn't mean He would actually do It .
Probably more fantasy than reality.

What was the first porn magazine published for black men in america?
I remember when I was a guy my dad used to buy Players magazine, a predominately black men's magazine. I want to know what was the first black men's magazine that featured nude black women exclusively?
Where can I get a modern life drawing or painting of a nude woman?
I have been looking everywhere for this! I've got a very specific image in my head and i cant seem to find it anywhere. What im looking for is a sketch or a painting of the back of a nude woman, i don't mind if its black or white or colour. I'd like the subject to have a nice figure, with nice curves, i'm looking for something which is quite sexy and feminine.
Many thanks
check out my work at and check out the portrait section on page 3.
Painting with black man and woman hugging each other?
I am looking for a painting I seen many times when I was younger. It has a black man and woman who are both nude and are hugging, embracing each other and they both have afros. I can not find it anywhere. I would greatly appreciate the help.
It sounds like you might be talking about Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss" but I'm not sure... Is this it?…

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