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What are some very stimulating nipple sucking tricks that make men wild?
ok so my man is coming to see me and i dont get to see him as much cuz he goes to school in another state, his nipples are his spot, they reallly really get him off....i already tried sucking them with ice in my mouth that was hot but i wanna do more...i really want to make him loose it lol any suggestions?
Lick it to dampen, then pull you mouth back so you are almost touching and draw in air through you mouth. This will make it very cold and hard. Then put your warm mouth on it. The different temperatures make the sensation really nice. My guy likes this a lot.
How to stop nipple sucking for my 2 year old son ? any home remedy for stopping him from sucking?
sucking nipple without milk turns the nipple sore and painful. pls help by suggesting some home remedy or applications? heard neem oil extract is safe to try, pls advise if any more such ideas. Tks a lot.
Wow that's a long time for him to be doing that. Just say no you will have temper tantrums so just let him be mad and let him cry and if need be put him into time out every time he try's. He will stop after a few days.
Does nipple sucking have a side effects?
i found that nipple sucking can lead breast's skin to turn slight yellow . Are there any side effects on that?
Yellow - then you are bruising. That's not usually what happens.

Side effects: erect nipples, sexual arousal. If it's done too rough, could lead to tenderness, rawness and peeling. Even a scab if you are really rough.
Baby Boy 3 months old keeps sucking nipple then stretch nipple and pop it out after a few seconds why?
Its like he has a big suck for a moment and then stretches the nipple and pops it out his mouth. Baby is so content and smiles often. Baby is very alert. He only cries for milk.
My baby did something similar between 3.5- 4 months it will pass. They begin to eat less frequently at that age as they get more efficient at it, but they still like to comfort of latching on and playing with your nipple
Why do the men are fond of nipple sucking. I hope it is for the babies?
I feel embarrased when my boy friend suck nipple.
No, u shouldn't. In fact u should enjoy it. Breasts r meant 4 feeding babies & 4 sexual pleasure 2
How do you feel about nipple sucking?
I just want to know, because I'm never sure if the girl is going to be creeped out or enjoy it. Can it be the first time we hook up past making out? Does anyone think it's gross? Also, if you do like it, can you give me some pointers of how do to it well? :-)
Yeah it doesn't usually go from making out to suckin nipples...

start off touching her thigh, lower back also kissing on the neck, etc.
eventually things will escalate and she'll either let you or she won't... either way that's the main goal
What happens if a guy starts sucking on your nipple?
I know this is a little weird....sorry!

But I want to know?

Do they get horny or something or do they do it and tell their friends that some guy sucked my nipples and now I'm popular!
I don't know why this is in Newborn & Baby but I love it when my hubby 'plays' with my nipples.

I'm not sure what exactly your question is? When it's you and your sig other it's most likely a sexual thing.
If a girl has Herpes can i get it from sucking on her nipple?
I've heard that you can get cold sores on your nipple. She had one on her lip and i sucked on her nipple can i get herpes? I don't know if she has oral herpes or genital or both.
It's kind of rare but possible to get herpes on your breasts. Cold sores are contagious. If she had an out break of herpes on her nipples at the time you sucked on them then you could get oral herpes (what can cause cold sores) NOT the genital type. Your genitals would have to make contact with her breasts while she was having an out break in order for them to be passed to your genitals.
Will sucking her nipple cause her areola to be bigger?
will putting my whole mouth on her nipple and areola and sucking on them
will cause them to get bigger?
Who have you been talking to? Of course it doesn't.
Why is one of our cats sucking on our other cats nipple?
me and my husband recently took in a stray female cat who is about 7 months old. we all ready had 2 other female cats, one about 1 1/2 the other about 10 months old. the new cat has been sucking on our 10 month old cats nipple. she's not pregnant, never has been. she lays there and lets her do it and doesn't seem to mind so we haven't stopped them. does anyone have an idea why our cats do this? thanks.
its because she got separated from her mommy when she was too young and she still has a habitat to suck on other females nipples or she is just trying to be comforted. mabe being with another cat makes her feel safe since she was a stray for so long

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