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Natural redheads?
Why do alot of people slag natural redheads off? Marilyn Monroe was a natural redhead and is still considered by many as the sexiest woman ever, she may have dyed her hair upstairs but she was still a redhead. Does this mean all gingers have to dye their to be excepted as beautiful?
You look fine to me, I'll pick you up at 7p.m. tonight.
Natural Redheads?
Do men find Natural Redheads sexy?? Or do most of them prefer blondes?? What is it about Redheads that turn men on / off anyway??
Redheads? I love em!
What do you really think about natural redheads?
I am a natural redhead and I embrace it. But it seems that there are a lot of misconceptions about redheads. So I was curious about how others perceive us.
I am a natural redhead also and we are only 3% of the American population. Special, right? The only misconception I have encountered is that we have a hot temper.
Ann-Margaret is my favorite redhead and she is definitely not hot tempered. She is one of the sweetest actresses ever.
I love being a red head! =)
What is a good color for natural redheads to dye their hair?
Well my friend wants to dye her hair.SheIs a natural redhead.She doesn't have freckles but she does have pale skin,and brown eyes.I have seen a girl with black hair,pale skin and brown eyes with no freckles and she looked amazing! My friend is not sure what color to dye her hair yet.I was hoping a few opinions or answers would help! I honestly like the black alot but what do u think?if not black,what is a good color?
ooh but i love natural red hair! i wish i had it, i don't think i would ever dye it. black does sound good though.
Have any natural redheads added highlights to their hair?
im a natural redhead looking for alittle change without anything too drastic. any opinions on what i could do?
haha mine got naturally highlited by the sun
Anyone know of a hair color for natural redheads to cover gray that will look natural and not orange?
I'm mid-40's and a natural redhead, but slowly getting gray at the temple areas. I'd like a natural looking color that will cover the gray. Most hair color companies make hair color for those with brown hair. I've only tried semi-permanent. The best match I found was casting colorspa by L'oreal in a color called amber, though this is getting hard to find in stores. Plus, I'd like somethig with better gray coverage.
Hello im a hair dresser and i wanna tell you 1rst off stop useing over the counter tints..they contain metal salts and my damage your hair..There is a product called Miss Clariol when you buy this you can mix it with 4oz cream delp to 2 oz of color then to cover your gray you need grey drops to every 0z of color use 10 drops of grey drops this will cover the hard to cover white hair...I should know im 90% Grey and i have the problem as well to cover that nasty grey hair.any other question please IM me ...Oh the store you can get the color in is Sally's Beauty Supplys
Do you think only natural redheads look good with red hair?
If not, give some examples of people who look good with dyed (not natural) red hair (can be auburn, too). Debra Messing is the only one I can think of. I have her eye and natural hair color, though my skin is not quite as light (it's light beige). I want to try reddish tones to lighten me up a bit, but don't know if it would look right.
Red hair is the hardest to get to look right and the hardest to keep in. Assuming you can get the right color. Anyone who knows can usually tell a real from a dye. I would suggest a professional job if you are going for natural rather then fire engine or carrot top. I am a natural redhead my self. If you have the attitude to handle having red hair join the club we are only 5% of the world's population. Good Luck!!
Natural redheads, has your hair ever turned from naturally red as a guy to blonde naturally?
My hair was naturally red as a guy but at age 13, my hair turned light blonde naturally. I know other redheads who also turned light blonde naturally. Has this ever happened to you going from natural red hair to natural light blonde hair? If so, at what age.
I was born with curly red hair. As I grew into a toddler, it changed to light light waves. Now, at age 14, my hair is dirty blonde. I have absolutely no idea how/why this happens.
For natural redheads - Is your body hair that same color?
I'm asking because I'm a natural redhead and I've always wondered about others. My hair is red all over. Now that I'm older the redness of the hair on my head is fading, but it's still bright red... down there.
Red all over!
Natural Redheads Who Have Dyed Their Hair?
I am considering dying my natural red hair to a dark auburn brown. I am wondering how well this worked for other redheads...if you dyed your hair darker, did the dye work well on your hair?
I have a strawberry blond natural color, probably a little darker than you would think, and I dye my hair a darker auburn all the time. For me though, I usually buy Clairol, and I usually have to buy the dye to be more on the brown side than the red side, otherwise I get a deep red or purple that looks really unnatural.

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