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Hey hot mamas out there. What do you do to attract a younger guy?
I personally love, love the mature ladies. And for the most part I have found that most of them like me. However most of the ones I meet are married.
For you adventuresome cougars, what do you do specifically to show that you are looking for a younger male?
Even if you've only entertained the idea in your head, what would you do to appeal to younger men?
i keep the way i dress young and attractive. and im confident in my own skin!
Are artificial nails too mature for a 15 year old?
Do you think artificial nails are too matuure for a fiffteen year old? I wanted to get the french manicure ones, from a salon. I want the ones with the square edges, I don't want them too long though because that looks like, hoochey mama - ish.You know?
What do you thing?
Too mature for a fifteen year old girl?
No I wish I could get them and maintain them! (but I can't really well)
I am 15, my best friend has them, square like you say, and a quarter inch long. She always gets them done in plain colors, like reds, blues and other one colors. She also gets French fake nails. It looks super cool and nice.
And she never misses a trip to the nail salon.
Why do SOME baby mamas like to bring drama?
It seems as the stereotypical "baby mama" lives in the projects, on welfare, and is always starting stuff with the "new woman". What's their trip? I have a daughter with another man besides my hubby and I don't do these things. So I am asking what's up with them? Serious question looking for mature answers please. Thanks. (Oh and for the ones that get offended, I am not referring to all baby mamas. Just the insane ones.)
They are either immature or insecure and feel that they can hold on to him some how if they act this way. Its sad I know...
Is the movie Mama's Boy funny? And is it rated for a 13 year old mature and stable guy?
Name explains it:

Is the movie Mama's Boy funny? And is it rated for a 13 year old mature and stable guy?
Are you talking about the movie with Jon Heder and Diane Keaton? Its Rated PG-13 for language including sexual references, and some drug use. And I don't know if its funny because they haven't released it yet. As a matter of fact, there's no official release date yet. I'll tell you this --- School for Scoundrels and Mr. Woodcock have the exact same plot as Mama's Boy so why don't you just rent those movies instead?
Am i too mature for my husband?
ok so i m 23 my husband is 26 but i feel that im way too mature for him! i mean yes i had to grow up very early in life, and he was a spoiled lil mamas boy, but to me that's not an excuse anymore! we been together for 4 years now, we have a guy together, but i feel that im his mother some times and i don't want it to be that way...i always have to remember everything...from reminding him to bring his applications, to keeping all the important documents, he has already lost his diploma, SSN card, lic, birth certificate, and our baby's shot he needed to use the car so i figured while i was getting ready to go to work he would also get ready and not wait till im ready to walk out the door to get up and say he needs the car! and then there's the game i drove him to a job interview..he quit his job about a month ago so i was ok with driving him, but he forgot his paper work because he was too up in the football game, so he could not have the interview, and i asked him what is more important, the game or a job, and he said the game! i was so pissed! i mean i like that he plays around and brings me up when im down, but there are times to play and times to be serious! so i was just wondering if anyone has gone through this....
Get divorced and get married again only to find the same kind of man. The fact is men will remain boys on the inside forever and its biological fact that men arent so good at multi-tasking thus the failure at keeping track of stuff.

Its a common knowledge that the husband is the head while the wife is the neck.
Mature responces plz! mom, mommy, mama..?
my wife and I are starting a family, but we're in a lil of a dilemma. We are a same-sex couple, and were wondering want are guy could call us. one would be mom, the other mommy, or mama..
-What are some names you think our guy could call us?
-What does your guy call you?
every same sex couple has that problem, they all say the guy calls them mothers, they dont care otherwise.
Any ideas on trying to help me with my mama? I'm a mature, 17 year old who wants to take a Hawaii vacation.?
I'm a good guy--I'm 17 and my mom is one of my best friends. She loves my best friend Charlotte, and met another one of my friends, who's 19 and guy. They're both the best people I've ever met, and recently, we got an offer to go to Hawaii for a deal we can't refuse!
Don't get me wrong--Charlotte and I are smart cookies, and these two guy friends are our BROTHERS. We all agreed to do tons of research before committing to the reservations, etc.
Here's the question--how can I convince my mom to let me go? She knows most my friends are guys, and she gets 'mom-like' sometimes, being worriful for me. I know she wants me to be safe and everything, but I'm willing to get straight-As, pay my own way, let her sit down with the four of us who are going.

Anyone have any ideas?
Thanks...we want this to be our senior trip (though it will be the Spring Break of our Junior yet), and I trust these people with my very life.
Hawaii is relatively safe as long as you don't go venturing out on your own. Stay in the tourist areas, go on bus tours, luau's and things that are safe. DO NOT go out to the Waianae (NW) Coast of Oahu. There has been trouble out there for tourists. Keep your valuables with you and NEVER EVER leave anything in the trunk of a car, or put your bag down for a moment unwatched. Keep your valuables at the hotel (locked) and keep your cameras and what not in a backpack WITH YOU. Bad economic times are hitting Hawaii hard and there are many thieves prowling around.
As far as Mom letting you go with guy friends who are "brothers". I don't see too much wrong with that as long as they really are like brothers. I had friends like "brothers" too at your age. Nothing wrong with that. Make your mom feel more comfortable with you going with them by having them visit you at home more so she really gets to know them.
Have fun.

Why do Filipina women seem so much more responsible than Filipino men?
I have observed many Filipino couples and it seems like the wife is expected to handle just about everything while the husband is cared for like a little lazy baby. I just don't understand the culture. What do the women get out of it? Is this why so many of the women date men who aren't Filipino? Filipina women seem responsible and kind and the men seem like immature mama's boys who can't have a mature conversation and won't tolerate their wife disagreeing with them. They want to be the man while cared for like a baby.
I think in their culture that is true. The men don't really have that much power from what I have seen. However, with the lack of power they also don't have much responsibility even to themselves. They are like spoiled little guys getting their way all the time. The upside for the women is the power that they have.

I am a typical 26 year old white guy that came from an upper class family. My mom ran things and my dad let her run the family her way 99% of the time. However, if my dad had a different opinion about something my mom would seriously consider his opinion. They have been happily married for almost 40 years and have a Dr. for a daughter and I do pretty good for myself with an oil company, so they must be doing something right.

My dad has a joke, "never trust a guy who says he's the head of his household because he will lie about other things too" I think that is accurate for most American family's though it might look different coming from different culture based families.
I'm looking for serious/mature answers about "baby mama drama"?
so, my husband has a guy by a women whom he had slept with a few times before we got married. She has it out for me in every way. Everyone who knows her knows she is a alcoholic and a complete mess! On another note, she blames me for the reason being she doesnt let her guy come to our home or see my husband when in reality I have done nothing but return her guyish and harassing ways that she has given me over the years. Well its come to a point where she still wants drama but I dont have the energy for all that, she will call me and rattle on about our past problems wanting me to apologize or take blame and I dont really say much but but unlike myself I do kind of walk on egg shells bc I know the SMALLEST thing I say will trigger her to go off on a rampage so I just say Im trying to let all that go and move forward and dont want the drama. Well she continues to bring up thing from years ago always leaving out the fact that she busted my windows, sliced my tires, called my job, harassed me on my phone,etc. I just want to know how I handle this. Do I continue to just keep my cool and almost as if Im taking blame for the drama when I know thats not accurate, I only do this bc we cannot afford a lawyer to get visitation and dont want to cause problems bc I know my husband wants to eventually see his guy with her. Or do I be myself and if she calls me let her know whats what? My first choice is to ignore her but then thats pisses her off too. Im stuck but tired of kissing this drunk basket cases a**. Thanks
here's what you do .when she calls you up with all of the drama/ let her know why is'nt she apologizing for what she did / get a tape recorder / recorder and record everything that comes out of her mouth / then take a copy of that tape recording to a legal aide attorney / he'll know how to help / steer you in the right direction .if you'll took her to court based on drama / no evidence then how you gonna prove that she says all of these negative things .and thats why i suggest you invest in a tape recorder/ use it to your advantage.i'll say this / close a few yrs back i had a civil case where i was suing because i got hurt on the job /no one at the job would be a witness /my attorney told me to buy a tape recorder/ get a statement /i did and i ended up winning a big judgement in that case. so i wish you'll the best / hope everything works out for you'll.
When your good to mama mamas good to you-Chicago Ok song for a 13 year old to sing?
OK I'm in a beauty pageant and for the talent I wanna sing.I was wondering do you think when your good to mama is inappropriate for a 13 to sing?If so what songs do you recommend I'm a alto and I'm going for a mature sophisticated look(last pageant I was told I looked like Grace Kelly and that I should stick with the sophisticated look).I want a something from a musical preferably.What do you recommend?

(I love when your good to mama but I'm scared people would think its about a prostitute when its about bribery.)
Honestly, I do a lot of auditions and I love using songs from musicals. 42nd Street is great, along with Mamma Mia! and such. Also, believe it or not The Lion King and Legally Blonde have some great ones.

As for songs to dance too, depends on your style.

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