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Hey lesbians do you prefer women with small, medium, or big boobs?
I am not a lesbian but i just wanted to see if it is different with lesbians than guys. Small as in A cup, medium as in B cup and big as in C and beyond.

I know everyone has different tastes, but i'm just doing a poll i guess.
as long as they're attached to a woman, i don't care how big they are. the whole package is what matters to me.

i'm a d cup myself, but since that's a big girl 46d, i don't look all that big. just nicely proportioned. no boob job, just hormones starting at age 21.
Why do most lesbians have small breasts?
I know, "stereotyping", "I've seen lesbians with big boobs etc." but we all know those are the exceptions...why do most lesbians have small boobs (at least more of the "bull" ones)
The gay subculture is so unexamined and unbeknownst that any seeming facts are just a piece of the puzzle, and are more myopic generalizations than universal truths, more like.
Doesn't big breast turn lesbians on, i guess i shouldnt have done that, help please somebody with experience!
im lesbian with very little experience, i have a pretty good look and ive never had problems finding girls but my partner broke up with me last year and i thought i was never gonna find somebody else(there are not many lesbians)
so to make sure i dont stay alone I decided to improve my appearance by doing a breast enlargement(boob job)
I guess I shouldnt have done that, lesbians dont like big boobs
i havent met anybody for a year, have i done something wrong? do lesbians have some kind of a code? do big boobs mean something i dont know?
please tell me what to do this cant last forever
i havent had a sex for a year !!
i like big boobs tho =(
i guess the girls in your town don't like big boobs but come down to boston here we appreciate them =D
I have seen many eunuchs in India have big boobs like any normal woman and they engage in sex with men?
How are they different from bisexuals or gays or lesbians? And are they abnormal creations of the god for some sins etc of their previous life? Kindly share your valuable information. Thanks
well eunuchs or hijras are supposed to be considered a third gender in india even though they donot want to be known as that. they aren't neccisarily gays or bisexuals a person becomes a eunuch when they are transexual or want to become females. in the hijra society they cut off the male sex organ and use hormones to grow breasts. the problem is that they donot want to be a part of this but it is the only way they can lead a life they want in our society.
Lesbians only: flat chested?
My sister is a lesbian but she does not have a lot of confidence in dating because of her breast-size. Shes only attracted to females with big boobs I guess because like guys, she wants what she doesn't have. Anyway, could it be that lesbians w/ a bigger chest like females with a smaller chest.. like the want what you don't have thing? or like males, is a bigger chest always the better thing?
I don't care about their breast size. As long as they treat me right and I love them. Breast size doesn't make them a bad person, so why judge? Breasts aren't everything.

I like big boobs but I dont think Im gay?
Ok. I am turned on by girls with big boobs but I know Im straight. The boob deal actually made me consider being a lesbian, I might be bi, but I dont know. I am not afraid of being bi/gay im totally ok if i am, but when I look at a girl in that way, like a girl I know in person, Im like ew. I just dont feel giddy or anything special about her. And ive been drunk/tipsy around girls and guys, and i usually feel horny and go with guys, never girls. I crush hard on guys, but like when it comes to porn, I look at pics of guys and girls, but I really really like looking at a girl with big boobs. I have small boobs. Im kinda envious of them, and it kinda screams sex for me. I dont know if this is wrong, but I thought it made me automatically a lesbian, but I just dont think it does. Cause even girls I know personally with big boobs I dont feel that way about, but girls in pornos I do for some reason. Maybe its a fetish? I dont know. Its just weird. Lmao. What do you ppl think about this?
It sounds like you have what could be called "boob envy". It is the female equivalent to the "penis envy" that many males experience.

It doesn't necessarily mean you are gay or bi, but if you find out that you like to do more than just look at big boobs, you may be bi.

If you find out tomorrow that you are bi or gay, you will be exactly the same person that you are today, but with a new label.

Don't let yourself be influenced by a label.

Be comfortable with the person that you are, and know that the size of someones boobs does not define a person.

If you had a operation to enhance the size of your own boobs, at the end of the day, you'll still be the same person on the inside.

I am sure there are many other women who enjoy seeing women's boobs. The keyword in that sentence was enjoy.

If you enjoy it, and it doesn't harm anyone, continue to enjoy it, and stop worrying about your sexuality. Enjoy being the individual that you are.
Basically everyone I know has big boobs except me?
It seems like everyone in my year has bigger boobs than me. It's like, at school, when everyone's in uniform, you can see theirs are bigger, you can see like, the shape of them. And in the changing rooms i pretty much hide, because you can really see how big they are and mine are like, non existent (i must sound like a lesbian? ohwell. aha). THERE'S NOTHING THERE. Compared to everyone else anyway. My bra size is 34c, but i dont even fill them so i guess i'm a 34b.

And i'm friends with a couple of guys (our group has guys + girls in it yeah) and they all pretty much obsess over big boobs and I'm kind of sat there like D: .. I used to go out with one of the guys, we broke up, I still like him, and him saying that kind of hurts me..?

I feel like i have nothing going for me..? I'm fairly short compared to everyone too, i'm 5'3 I think, i have really curly hair, my nose is kinda big, my forehead is.. ugh, I can't stand it. And my laugh just kills me, it's the worst. I'm 15.

Anyway, so i was just wondering;
do guys like big boobs more than small ones?
is there some way i can make my boobs bigger.. or at least look bigger..
ugh and do you think im still growing?
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I only want a girl with BIG boobs?
ok so i am a 17 year old female. ive dated one guy for the record, i liked him and was sexually attracted to him, but he wasnt a good guy for me. Anyway, i have crushed on guys all my life, but i guess have been attracted to women sexually all my life too. I started to consider myself a lesbian because i realised i like porn with females, lesbian porn, etc way more than i do men. However, i do like watching male porn/nude guys. However emotionally, dating a girl has always been weird to me, and whenver i allow myself to fully view girls in THAT way, i still dont feel comfortable with it. I have never had a crush over a girl. Visually i am attracted to guys, but it seems like the epitomy of what I truly want is a girl with really big breasts and a slim figure. It sounds so fake and unrealistic, but a girl like me with small boobs does nothing for me visually, and a guy doesnt do much for me visually like a girl with nice **** does. But i feel like i dont like HER i like HER BOOBS only?
You have to get to know her first and then you might feel more comfortable walking around with her. There is no problem with wanting a girl with big boobs. It's like wanting a guy with abs.
Lesbians can a girl be too femme?
I have a girlfriend but wonder if I would have luck in the dating seen as when I go out everyone assumes I'm straight where as my girlfriend who is more boyish gets attention. I would say I'm pretty with really long hair,big boobs and an hour glass figure. I wouldn't say I dress overly girly but I look extremely feme. Opinions appreciated :)
Being a femme lesbian into femme girls myself, I certainly don't think so. Everyone has their own style, and it's their personality that counts.
Boob question!!!!! for guys or lesbians. :)?
i have been told i have BIG boobs. my boobs are 36B, i don't think there that big, and i've seen girls with boobs so big when they run there boobs bounce and it's so ewwwwwwwwww. what's a good size of boobs for you?????
it dosent really matter that much to me, im fine with what my wife has, she is a large B cup. i think that the whole big boob thing is just more social. guys just say that when there talking and stuff, kinda like peer pressure. so basically as long as you have at least a handful, you know something to play with, i think most guys will be happy! i know that i am very happy with my wife. i dont want her to change them for anything!!!

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