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How do British wives move to the USA to live with their american husbands? Is it hard to adjust?
I am considering moving to Missouri to be with my boyfriend once we are married. I currently live in Scotland, and have lived in the USA for 10 months before. I would like to know more information about the visa process. I would also like to know how other women/men found the transition of moving from Britain to America, especially in the current financial climate. Did you struggle financially? Did your lifestyle alter? Any information or advice would be great! Thanks.
I'm not in any similar situation, but I can answer some of your questions:
unless you're already stable with a high-end job and are used to living middle class or higher, the financial crisis should not effect you too much. I'm an American and when the recession started, I was not affected at all, except for having to pay a little bit more for rent, taxes, and groceries. You should actually be pretty well off if you have some savings, because the exchange rate to US dollars is about £1.4 to $1.
Are the wives of the US Ryder Cup team getting involved in this fashion war the British wives want to start?
or they too mature and dignified to engage in this adolescent, nonsensical, and trashy behaviour that should be confined to English soccer?
Wow. And here I thought that the competition was between the men.
What Were Baggage Trains Like For The Wives Of British Soldiers?
I know during the American Revolution there were often baggage trains following the soldiers. Some contained their wives. What is the definition of a baggage train and what was it like for the wives of Lobsterbacks (British Soldiers)? Thanks!
Life for a British soldier's wife was pretty tough.

Keep in mind that the Crown soldiers were not recruited from the best and the brightest, but were more often the gutter sweepings of the cities: thugs, tapsters, and sometimes even thieves who escaped the hangman's noose by joining the army. Also, for centuries, it was common practice for a recruiter to walk into a tavern or public house, buy several rounds for the house, and tell outrageous stories about the wonderful life in the British Army. For bored farm boys, or chronically out-of-work city youths this sounded like a great ticket to high adventure. More than a few tried to flee when they found out the truth.

For the girls who married these press-ganged boys, they found themselves hooked to a life that seemed to be one hardship after another. Their soldier husbands only earned eight pence a day (!), and maybe an extra 6 pence every two months! Not even the whole uniform was provided for, and they had little recourse if they and their guyren went unfed. They found themselves following their men into the field, responsible for not only the domestic chores (laundry, cooking, cleaning, guycare) of their own man, but frequently the duties of another man as well. Guyren were born in the field, and more than one woman died of guybirth, leaving his guy to be cared for by another woman. Schools were arranged in the field as well, with young boys being given duties as servants, or bootblacks for the officers who insisted on their shoes being polished even if they were walking in hip-deep snow.

Women were the mules of the British army in that they often had more work to do than the soldiers themselves, and were more often unappreciated for it.
Are there any sites for british army wives?
Im getting married in April. My husband is in Catterick at the moment and when we are married we will be moving to Cyprus. Im totally new to all this and feeling a little lost by everything. Are the any forums, chat/web sites etc. where I can talk to other people in similar situations?
Dunno about sites for army wives, but there is a good forum for cyprus at, or you can try the one on which is run by a retired army wife. Plus I live in sunny Cyprus so would be happy to converse with you. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.
Did you know that 50% of british wives fantasise about sex with other men, within 2 years of getting married?
According to the researchers only 3 in every 10 are cheating!
I am an american wife so this doesn't affect me LOL
Which wives are generally more faithful: British or American?
Though many of these women love to cheat, what is my chance of having a faithful American or British wife; provided the fact that I'm chaste and would never cheat my wife?
Would the course of British history have been altered if King Henry V111 had his wives wash their hair?
It is an historical fact, verified by ardouus research,that his royal majesty had a medical aversion to the common problem of dandruff. Two of his six wives he had beheaded for this outrageous lack of hygiene as he perceived this problem to be. Do you think that he overreacted? The cure for dandruff is hardly beheading is it?
You are a troll. You aren't funny. Your claims, and your claim of "ardouus research" are crap.

Historical fact: Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard were beheaded for TREASON.

Historical fact: Dandruff wasn't an issue AT ALL until Head and Shoulders TOLD people they needed to NOT have it, in the 1960s/

Historical fact: NO ONE washed their hair in the 15th century. It simply wasn't done. It had nothing to do with "hygeine", a term, ALSO not coined until the 20th century.

Historical fact: in those days, people (well, royalty and the upper classes) didn't even often wear their own hair! Those paintings are of people WEARING WIGS.
Can I bring my British wife thru the US customs line when we fly back to the states for Thanksgiving?
I am an American service member stationed in Germany. My wife is British and we have been married for almost a year. Brits don't need Visa's, to enter the US.
No they do not need a visa for a stay which does not exceed 90 days but since you are married there will be a few questions asked, so come prepared with documents proving her intention to return back to your country of residence.
How do I file for my British wife to stay in USpermanently?
My wife and I just married 2 weeks ago in Texas. She came here on visa waiver as she is British. Can someone tell me the exact forms we need to fill out for her to be able to stay with me here in the US. I understand the I-130 must be filled out by myself. Can someone help us as we are hearing mixed stories on everything. And as visa waiver only lasts for 90 days, will she have to fly home and fly back in US? HELP! thanks.
You didn't say of you two planned to get mattied when she flew here. If the wedding was planned she legally has to go back to Britain while you file to bring her back as your wife. If you had filed for a visa in the first place you would not be facing this now.
You can try to file for Adjustment of Status (AoS), but you face having to prove that she didn't enter the US for the purpose of marriage to you. You will have to prove that the two of you got married on the spur of the monent and that she still has a home and a life back in the UK. It's very hard to prove a negative.
In your case I would talk to a good immigration lawyer and fast. If she overstays the 90 days while waiting for AoS she would then risk a ban from the USA. This can be overcome but it's best avoided.
It's getting harder and harder to adjust status from a visa waiver, the waiver is only intended for use to visit, it was never meant to be used as a way to get around the proper visa process for immigration. Using a visa waiver to come here with the intent to get married and stay is actully visa fraud.
Go to a lawyer, you need one.
You can also take a look at…

You must qualify to file for an I-130 in the US. Not everyone does, and in some cases doing so can be considered fraud and result in being deported and banned from re-entry into the US for a period of time. If you attempt to file and you do not qualify your legal status in the US can be placed in jeopardy. J1 Visa holders will almost always require a waiver and should consult with an immigration lawyer or the USCIS for more information. If you have any doubt, consult an immigration attorney.

If your fiance/fiancee came to the US on a tourist visa with the intent of immigration and marriage, and you are not yet married, then he/she should return to his/her home abroad, and the K-1 visa should be filed (using an I-129f) instead of the I-130 to avoid a denial, deportation, or even being banned from re-entry to the US.

If you are already married, and your spouse came to the US on a tourist visa with the intent of immigration and marriage, then he/she should return to his/her home abroad, and the I-130 (or along with an I-129f for a K-3 Visa) should be filed with the relative outside of the U.S. to avoid denial, deportation, or even being banned from re-entry to the US.

The above conditions are serious and can result in the separation of families for many years if not taken seriously. "
I want to visit uk with my british wife?
I am an Indian Nationality & my wife is British. Now what kind of visa do I need to visit Uk with my wife?
You need a visitors visa.

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