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Why are so many chicks in anime hot?
What is the reason behind the Japanese animators that always do this?
It to attract the male audience. Not only are girls hot but the guys as well. Moreover, if one knows the human anatomy you can draw a girl smoking hot the correct ratio for a girl is 32-26/24-32

Here is a girl with that measurement of 32-24-32…

I personally like the measurement of 32-26-32


Knowing this ratio is attractive to men, why wouldn't you draw that? and this ratio is the sexy ratio for woman, that's not counting the cute one.

Moreover, the ideal ratio that us guys are attracted to doesn't even exist in nature. You can only draw it. An anime creator would know this and if one was trying to draw in guys that's what they would do. Ever wonder why there are so many harem animes? I have heard guys and girls complain about them but somebody has to be watching them for people to keep making it, right!

Anyway, that's the reason.

edit: a guy that recently passed away due to cancer. Micheal Turner was really good at drawing the female body in really good sexual posses. He put this on the cover and sells increased by 25 %. Here is a sample of his work…

I'm still amazed by his ability to draw and he's not japanesee obviously. Got to go!
Why do so many fat white chicks like anime?
Everywhere I go, I see some fat white chick dressed in costumes. The most common are cats and maids. They always follow fads that nobody likes, such as "The Game" and other crap that doesn't make sense. who started this crap and why do so many people like it?
its a way for them to escape reality. just like fat white dudes dressed up as storm troopers or Jedi. real life sucks and they know it. so dressing up as some character in some lame cartoon or science fiction movie makes them feel closer to that world they wished they were in. just like fat goth girls wishing they had a gay vampire boyfriend that glitters in the sun!!!! nuff said
Who are your top 5 favorite anime chicks? WORTH 10 POINTS?
Who are your top 5 favorite anime chicks? WORTH 10 POINTS
Izumi Konata [Lucky Star]
Nijihara Ink [Moetan]
Komoe [Toaru majutsu no Index]
Usa Mimi [Kodomo no Jikan]
Nagato Yuki [Suzumiya haruhi no Yuutsu]
Are there are any black/dark-skinned chicks in anime?
It's kind of annoying for me because I want to cosplay as an anime character but a dark-skinned one is very rare. The only one I can think of Yoruichi from Bleach...Or do I even have to bother? Can a dark-skinned woman just cosplay anyone she wants? Thanks.
You could cosplay anyone you want. Skin color doesn't matter. There are no limits.The whole point of conventions/cosplaying is to just have fun.
Do you think Anime chicks are hot?
Do you think that most well drawn Anime chicks are hot?
No,sorry they don't do a thing for me.
What is this anime called?
It's not from an anime.

Those girls are "sub-characters" of a game called "Triptych".

The name of the girl with black hair is Natsuki.
(another pic of her:… )

The one with white hair is Riona.
(another pic of her:… )

(pics from:… )

also, here's this game's opening:…

similar pic:…
Whats ur top 10 hottest anime chicks.?
10) Hinata, Naruto Shippuuden.
9) Kallon, Karen, Code Geass.
8) Honda Tohru. Fruit Basket.
7) Yuuki, Vampire Night.
6) Kyou, Clannad.
5) Mikuru, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
4) Kio, K-On.
3) Haruhi Suzumiya. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
2) Misa, Death note.
1) Saya, Blood +

Runner up #11) Soi Fon, Bleach

plz list name and anime chick is from. 10 points for best list that doesnt have chicks all from the same anime.
Well, (this is NOT in order, 10 being the least)

10. Chii - Chobits…
9. Naru - Love Hina
8. Mizuho - Please Teacher…
7. Yuuki - Vampire Knight…
6. Karen - Code Geass…
5. Kaname - Full Metal Panic…
4. Eri - School Rumble…
3. Yakumo - School Rumble…
2. Megumi - Special A…
1. Shizuma - Strawberry panic…

all of them are pretty ;]
Why do chicks these days do their hair and face to look like anime characters?
Whatever happened to wild long hair, t-shirts, and tight blue jeans?
I have wild hair, tight blue jeans ,and tshirts. I must be out of style What to do? what to do?

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